The sound of Star Wars music increases as Darth Vader enters the room

The sound of Star Wars music increases as Darth Vader enters the room. Trained in the Dark Side LED Vapor Tight Suppliers he changes the political spectrum of the entire galaxy with mind control, supernatural powers and the slice of a Light Saber. I hear the same music in my mind each time my new SEO expert enters the boardroom of one of our advertising agency’s clients. No, not because I’m nuts, but because I have an overactive imagination. The advertising clients are mesmerized by this new “Dark” art. One that cannot and is not taught in traditional classrooms. An art that can only be learned in the trenches of the galactic fight against the Yellow Pages. The art of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

My name is TJ Kirgin, a second generation Ad Guy from St. Louis, Missouri. I am the president of an advertising agency named Anchor Communications, Inc. or AnchorSTL as it has been called. Our agency was founded on the premise of media communications, with a core emphasis on strategic media planning and buying. That was 10 years ago. Recently the agency successfully transversed the rough seas of becoming “full service” and now serves over 75 clients from San Diego, CA… to Houston, Canada to St. Louis and Washington D.C. to Miami. Our emphasis is still on media communications as we feel that only intrusive media can truly build brand while delivering a direct and measurable result.

Just about 18 months ago, I got wind of a new marketing buzz word; “New Media”. I was fascinated by this word as I have build a career on “old media” and at only 32 I felt threatened, so my survival instincts took over and I began to study. Our people became certified in the techniques of Search Engine Marketing and Online conversion. We began to show results to our customers like we had never been able to do before.