The one and only monument in the world the Gay monument

Amsterdam has rather a huge gay scene. Many foreigners find themselves attracted to the city, and one can also spot celebrities. Amsterdam has Weatherproof Lighting Fixture Suppliers more than one hundred gay bars, discos, saunas, video stores, bookshops, restaurants and hotels.

For long now, the Dutch capital laid claim to the highest number of gay attractions per square meter in Europe, some 150 in total. Amsterdam is still to be considered as Europe’s most gay-friendly city while warning it no longer offers cutting-edge entertainment for the traveler.

No other city in Europe is as gay-friendly as Amsterdam. The nightlife – whatever taste – is endless, although there are strict no lesbian-only clubs.

The Cockring gay club is a place to cruise and pop along to this two level ‘gay men only’ outlet in the red light district. Music on the two dance floor is usually hardcore but the crowd is varied. All sorts welcome. It has been highly recommended for a night out. It is always better to get there early.

Exit is small, friendly and chilled out. Exit is a three floor, modern gay club with a large dance floor overlooked by a balcony at standard cruising height. Trendy is the key word here, with an expense psychedelic light show and up-to-date dance music to back it up. A popular cruising ground at the weekends. Mainly male, but women welcome.

iT carry on camping club was founded by Manfred Langer, a famous Dutch queen. iT is one of the best known clubs in Holland, and offers one of the most varied and amazing club experiences in Europe. Housed in an old cinema, the IT has a stunning sound system, and a steadfast refusal to specialize in one music style. Dress code is as outrageous as possible. Saturday is exclusively ‘Gay’.

COC is gay club with a popular women-only night. It is open Fridays and Saturdays only, the weekend disco is a popular stop off on the lesbian circuit. The venue takes its name from the gay rights organization COC, so one will always find a mixed crowd on Friday when both gay and lesbian clubbers attend.

In addition to these gay clubs and bars there is other popular information center for gays. Pink Point Gay and lesbian information and souvenir kiosk situated at the Homomonument, Westermarkt (on the Keizersgracht) is one such place. Friendly and helpful volunteers will answer all questions about gay Amsterdam. It also has the best selection of gay gifts in Holland.

The one and only monument in the world the Gay monument has been opened in 1987, in Amsterdam, close to the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House. The monument is a symbol against discrimination.

Orfeo in Amsterdam is Amsterdam’s largest exclusively-gay hotel, established in 1969. Located in the center of the city, it is situated within a walk to the Leidseplein, the Kerkstraat gay scene, the Reguliersdwarsstraat gay scene, and Vondelpark.

In its heyday, the Amsterdam gay pride canal parade shocked spectators with its raunchy displays from the hottest gay bars and clubs.

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